Reviews & FAQ's

I first heard about iBungee during a trail race when my wet shoelaces repeatedly became untied. A woman ran past and said "iBungees." I didn't know what they were but went home and searched on the computer. Now all of my running shoes have iBungee and I never have to worry about my shoes being untied. They also make getting your shoes on and off a breeze (like putting on slippers) and you can adjust the tightness which is really nice on a long run. They work, they're simple to put in your shoes and they seem to last forever. Great product! - Joe A.

I LOVE THESE! I have a tactile issue where I become a little obsessive about things like lace tightness, sand in my shoes, turned socks, etc. and very often I have to get my shoes off in a hurry or else I get really anxious. I would untie and retie my sneakers a dozen times a day as they tightened or loosened. These fix it - ZIP the shoes are off, ZIP they are on and laced up again, and they are always comfortable. They have really been a lifesaver! This particular brand (I've tried others) are sturdy and well made, and are doing a great job. Plus - people ask about them, because they are cool! - Francis U.

I have used many types of speed laces and these will now be the only ones I put in all my shoes. I like the simplicity of them versus some other brands. The lace itself is sturdy. The clasps are tough, and overall they are just a highly functional, easy to install lace. I also like that I can get them in plain black. I don't need a lace that draws attention to itself. As simple as that seems that's a selling point for me! - Dwayne M.

I bought these shoe laces to speed up my transition from my bicycle shoes to my steel toe work boots going to and from work. Different length laces were put on each pair. The cycling shoes slide off and on. The boots slide on and then the laces are wrapped around the top two hooks on the boots. They also work well for airport security check points if you wear laced shoes. - Joseph V.

These are great for runners. During the last five years I have completed 21 marathons. It really bothers me to have shoe laces come undone while running. It seems to take forever to lace them up again. The bungee laces solve that problem as they never come unlaced. Never. Also a small pebble will occasionally get into the shoe. Bungee laces make it quick and easy to get the shoe off and back on. One other advantage. On long runs feet tend to swell a bit. That lace up that felt good at the start can feel tight toward the end of a long run. Bungee laces alleviate or eliminate that problem due to their flex resulting in less damage to toe nails. One observation. I find it best to lace shoes a bit looser with bungee laces compared to conventional ones. I had to experiment a bit to find the most comfortable fit. But since you only lace them once that's no real problem. - Claire G.

I bought these for my 65 year old father after he had surgery leaving him in a sling for several months. We weren't ready to give in to Velcro but he couldn't tie laces with one hand. These laces are the perfect solution. Once we got them adjusted the first time he was then able to pull his tennis shoes on with one hand. We will be buying more just because they are convenient. No runners here. - Margaret T.

I purchased these stretch laces after having a total right hip replacement. My legs and feet swelled up to where my walking shoes were the only one I could put on. I ordered the laces on Sunday, and they arrived on Wednesday. The laces are round and rather thin, but they work and I am extremely happy I can now wear shoes, not just socks. Theses laces have allowed me to walk outside and work on my therapy. I highly recommend them, if you are unable to tie your shoes for any reason. The first time I put them on, I had to stretch my shoe and tongue out. But the next day, they slipped right on, even with all the post surgery swelling. Try them, you won't be disappointed! - David A.



How do I determine which size is right for me?
Great question! We’ve created a proprietary size guide to make this easy. It’s available on our product page here.

May I exchange the laces for a different size or color?
Yes, we want you to be happy. Please send us an email through our contact form and we’ll take great care of you. We apologize but we do not offer exchanges outside the United States.

Is there a price difference between regular laces and reflective laces?
There is no difference at all. The price is the same for either lace style.

May I purchase cord locks without laces?
Yes, we have an assorted cord-lock set available here.

I used to purchase non-stretch and/or zero-friction fittings from you. Are they no longer available?
We have discontinued those products and we are completely sold-out. Sorry.

How do I apply a coupon code?
You’ll do this on the check-out screen. Simply enter your discount code and click apply.

When I enter my code I’m receiving a message that says “Unable to find a valid discount matching the code entered”. What am I doing wrong?
Codes will often expire. If you’re receiving this message, it was either a code created for our old website or has expired.

May I ship to an address that differs from my billing address?
Yes, that is no problem. We often have customers that will send iBungee laces as gifts.

How do you ship and how much does it cost?
For orders shipped within the USA, shipping is FREE. We ship by USPS first class mail. You will receive a tracking number once your order ships.

For orders outside the USA, we ship by USPS first class international mail. However, please be advised that once a shipment leaves our office, we are not responsible for final delivery. We will provide a tracking number as proof of shipment. If a parcel is lost during transit outside the USA, it is your responsibility to work with your local postal service to trace it. International shipping is weight-based, and can vary by country. On average it costs $14 USD to ship up to 8 pairs of iBungee laces. Canada is less at $10 USD.

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?
We ship Monday through Thursday from Mystic, CT, USA. On average, shipments within the USA take 3 to 5 business days. Outside the USA can be anywhere from 10 to 14 business days, depending on your country and local postal service.

How do I track my order?
Once we ship your order you will receive a tracking number. You may also login to your account at anytime to view the status of your order.

I wish to return my purchase. Is that possible?
Yes, of course! We want you to be happy. Please feel free to return your order to the address listed on your packing list and we will issue a refund for the laces. Please note we do not refund shipping charges, if applicable.

Can iBungee laces be installed in something other than sneakers?
Yes, iBungee can be used in dress shoes, work boots, skates, etc. They are super comfortable and convenient.

In addition to athletes, who else can benefit from using iBungee laces (ex. people with dexterity issues-elderly, young, disabled)?
Yes, iBungee is used by many different people and enjoys popularity in the ADL market.